July 22, 2024


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Benefits Of A Therapeutic Massage For Seniors

Benefits Of A Therapeutic Massage For Seniors

Stress, anxiety, irritability, and lack of concentration, all these issues are related to aging and can be dealt with easily if you take some time out for yourself every day. A spa session is a great way to do just that. 

In fact, spa services can be great for the elderly as well. This is because seniors can take on a lot of stress, which often shows up as muscle knots and joint pains. 

As we grow old, our muscles and bones become weak. This makes it difficult for the elderly even to carry out their routine tasks. According to some studies, 50% of elders aged 60 or over living at community facilities experience pain and fatigue.  

As a result, they cannot enjoy any activity or movement due to the chronic pain in their body caused by conditions like osteoarthritis or Parkinson’s disease. 

At an assisted living facility, these adults are helped by the support staff to do their tasks. But to live a comfortable life and stay physically active, they need to get rid of the chronic pain that holds them back, and having a day at the spa can significantly help them. 

A therapeutic massage at the spa increases mobility and flexibility, improving their overall physical and mental health. Here are several other benefits of indulging in regular spa sessions for seniors:

Relieves Osteoarthritis Pain

A study suggests that utilizing a massage can help the elderly in their treatment for osteoarthritis. Over the course of a few months, massages can help in decreasing their pain and stiffness while also enabling more smooth physical functions.  

Reduces Agitation 

Diseases like Alzheimer’s can trigger a feeling of agitation in the elderly. However, according to a study, these agitating expressions can be reduced by slow-stroke back massages. It makes the elderly feel more at peace. 

Easing Depression

At an old age, many factors can stir up depression. Ease those feelings of despair and help the elderly feel comfortable by giving them access to regular massages. This relaxing activity can help them feel good, in turn improving their mental health.

Physical And Mental Well Being

Spa services have a significant impact on the physical and mental health of a person. It is known to alleviate symptoms caused by the unhealthy stress hormone cortisol in the body. As a result, your body will feel at rest and initiate a rejuvenation period.

Improvement In The Quality Of Sleep

Receiving weekly massages has helped many seniors to have a deeper and longer sleep. As a result, they observe an overall improvement in their health as deep sleep allows the body to have its required time to repair itself.

Quicker Healing From Injuries Or Illnesses

Aging brings many changes to our bodies. One of these changes is that your joints and muscles become tighter, which takes away the quick healing capability of your body. In turn, your injuries start taking more time to heal because of the restricted range of motion. However, massage therapy helps keep muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and connective tissues more fluid. Subsequently, you may even become less prone to injury.


Considering the benefits of therapeutic massages, every aging member of our society should try incorporating regular massages in their lifestyle. Whether the seniors live at an independent living facility or their home, making out time to go to the spa is mandatory to increase their quality of life.