July 20, 2024


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Baja California has a unique fashion style due to its multiculturalism: Baja Window to the South

On the tenth episode of Baja Window to the South, our hosts, Olga Sánchez de la Vega and Scott Koenig welcomed viewers to New City Plaza and from here they went to Cien Años restaurant where they met up with Chef José Esparza.
This restaurant has been open for 27 years and is influenced by Mesoamerican cuisine, by using several insects as ingredients such as chinicuiles (maguey and agave worm larvae) and here Chef Esparza prepared a Mexican husk tomato sauce with garlic, onion, serrano or jalapeño peppers. Esparza explained both the origin and preparation of the chinicuil flavorful sauce and then used it on a couple of recently handmade tortillas.

Baja California has a unique fashion style due to its multiculturalism: Baja Window to the South

Then, Ana Díaz de Gurría, Director of InnovaModa, was the guest. This is a platform that is dedicated to promoting the fashion industry in Baja California. She thinks that Baja Californian fashion has a unique style due to its artists, photographers, designers and more, which all come from different places and create unparalleled pieces. Likewise, having people from all different parts of the world unites local artists to create a greatercommunity.

Ana added that current fashion trends in Tijuana are the chic style with a little urban style influences, which creates a look that can be used for any occasion and at any time.

In the Baja Do’s & Don’ts dection, they recommended visiting Hussong’s Cantina in Ensenada, which is one of the many places that claims to have created the famous “Margarita” drink, by mixing different tequila flavors with orange liquor and lime juice. It was around 1941 when Carlos Orozco created it, who was doing it for Margarita, the daughter of Germany’s ambassador at that time who was living in the city. In the Don’ts segment, they recommend not introducing forbidden plant species to the United States if any of these items are bought when in Baja California.

Their second guest was Giuliana Flores, born in San Diego but raised in Tijuana. She began to love music when she was 13 years old and has played at Grammy Awards and Billboard Awards afterparties. She claims that all recent global events such as immigration in Tijuana, global warming, and other situations have inspired her along with more relatable things such as relationship issues, friendship, and love. Her song “Calor de Fuego” (Fire Heat) was inspired by California from both sides of the border.

In Tacos With Muchachos, Scott Koenig along with his muchacho, Francisco “Paco” Pérez, owner of “Aquí Es Texcoco” visited Mariscos Walter, a place known for their McLein taco which is made out of tuna fin (an unusual part to eat from tuna), and smoked marlin. Despite its gelatin like texture, it was a flavor that delighted both Francisco and Scott. He also tried a “bichi” (which means someone who is nude or lacking in clothes) broth, which doesn’t have any seafood at all, just cabbage and onions. This was an ideal finish this taqueria visit.

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