July 20, 2024


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Affordable Friday with my Sister!


Today is a very very special edition of Affordable Friday because my sister has joined me for this one! What I love about this post more than any of my past posts is that you’re going to get to see the affordable pieces that I chose on two different body types.

I’m 5’7 and a full 34B/small 34C cup size. And my sister is 5’5 and a 36DD. I’m sharing this because I know that sometimes when I recommend clothes, they might fit me really great while someone with a larger chest might have difficulty with it. I thought it would be so great if I could show you all of the clothes that I got for this weeks affordable Friday post on two very different bust sizes!

Pink Floral Dress

Starting with these two super cute floral dresses! This first one is on clearance for $21 and I’m wearing a size medium which is my normal size. It fits me great and I absolutely love that it has a tie in the back that you can adjust depending on what size your bust is.

Affordable Friday with my Sister!


My sissy looks GORGEOUS in it too! She’s wearing the size medium(she’s wearing the same size as me in all these pics) but she did say it felt a bit tight and would likely size up to the large if she were buying it for herself. This dress is gorgeous and really well-made. Plus the print is just so pretty! Right now it’s available in all sizes from XS to XXXL.


Baby Doll Dress

The next dress I want to talk about is this dress from BCBG. It’s $36 and I’m wearing a size medium which is my normal size. I actually think I could’ve sized down in this one and gotten a small. Because I actually found it was a little large in the chest for me. And that surprised me because when I bought it, the person who reviewed it said it was too small in the bust for them. So I was curious what my sister would think when she put it on. And for her it actually fit but was just a little snug. So she would’ve sized up in this one to fit her bust. Also, the back is so pretty!


But we both are so cute in the dress! I love a baby doll dress because it’s very loose and flowy and it’s the type of dress you can go eat a huge meal in and not feel like you have to suck anything in. Which by the way you should never feel that way anyway! Let it out girl! But you know what I mean. It comes in sizes XS to XXL and it’s available in all sizes right now. It also has another print.


Flowy Floral Dress

Next I have to talk about this gorgeous Sofia Vergara dress. I actually didn’t know what I was gonna think about this one but I ordered it just because I thought it’s such a perfect option for so many different body types for asummer/vacation dress. It’s $36 and I think worth every penny. First it has really flowy beautiful sleeves that I know definitely helps with confidence if you’re not comfortable showing your arms. And the fabric is just really pretty. Both my sister and I are wearing a size medium and it fits us great! We truly both love the dress but if I had to pick, I honestly think it looks better on her because of the fabric around the chest. It just looks nicer when there’s a bigger bust to fill it out.


But again we both look great! This one comes in sizes XS to XXXL as well and is currently available in all sizes!


Next I want to talk about this killer jumpsuit! The fabric is so stretchy and slinky. I just love how it feels on my body. And it’s on clearance right now for only $18! It comes in sizes XS to XXXL but right now two of the sizes are out, so snag this one while you can! Plus I love that comes both in regular and short sizes which is so great if you are on the shorter side. I’m 5’7 and for me wearing wedges it was actually maybe a smidge too short. When I wear this out I’ll probably wear it with flats. Or maybe you guys don’t think it’s too short. You can decide looking at these pictures. But I usually like my jumpsuits to come a little lower. That’s why I’ll wear it with flats and it will be perfect! This also comes in another really gorgeous print!


And the other great thing about this one is my sister looked just as amazing in it! So no matter a big bust or small bust this jumpsuit will be perfect for you!


White Full Coverage Dress

My sister wanted to take pics in this white dress to show you guys just cause it’s really stretchy in the bust and perfect for different chest sizes. But she only had a black bra and you could kinda see it through the dress. Not because it’s see-through, because it’s not, but because a black bra and a white dress just don’t go together if you know what I mean. Ha!


But I love it. It has a classy almost country club feel to it. Again I am wearing my normal size medium.

White Ruffle Sleeve Dress

The next two dresses my sister didn’t get a chance to try on but honestly she didn’t gravitate towards them just cause she thought they’d be a little too cleavage forward for her taste. Ha! But I love love love them! In fact this first dress is my absolute favorite one of the entire bunch! Truly if you are a 34D or smaller get this dress now! Or if you like a little cleavage get it in any size! It’s stunning! Like I never want to take this dress off ever because I love it so much and it’s on clearance for $18! I didn’t even like it that much when I ordered it but I wanted to give it a try. And oh my gosh after getting it, it’s truly one of my favorite dresses of all time. And that’s pretty awesome when it’s only $18.


And the best part is it comes in sizes XS to XXXL and they are all fully in stock! I don’t know why but I got the small (I normally get medium) and it fits great! Get this dress fast and thank me later! Oh and it also comes in regular and short sizes so if this looks a little too long on me, if you’re shorter know that you can also get the short version! Gosh I love that Sofia Vergara’s line offers that! Oh and it also come sin black and floral if white isn’t your thing!


Palm Tree Dress

And last but not least this super cute palm tree dress. This is also one that if you don’t like to show cleavage and you have a bigger bust it might not be the best fit for you. But if you like to show what your mama gave you, go for it girl! It’s just really pretty and gives me all sorts of vacation vibes! I’m wearing a size medium which is my normal size and it’s only $36. And I will definitely say I feel like it looks more expensive than it is.


I did notice that somebody in the reviews mentioned that they sized up and it fit them perfectly. I got my normal size in this dress and it fit me perfectly. I also like that you can adjust the straps on this one which is great for varying bust sizes

A Few More

Here area a few more pieces I got for this Affordable Friday post that I jsut didn’t hev time to get pictures of but I will be wearing them this week and linking back to this post so you guys can get them too!

Have a great weekend!

Well that’s it for me! I hope you guys truly love this blog post. I loved loved loved taking these pictures with my sister and doing this with her. Plus I hope it helps the women who enjoy and read my affordable Friday blog posts choose and decide whether an item is right for them. Love you guys and thank you for being here and supporting me it means everything!

And as always, thank you to Walmart for sponsoring my site!


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