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9 Winter Jewellery Trends in Australia in 2022

9 Winter Jewellery Trends in Australia in 2022


9 Winter Jewellery Trends in Australia in 2022

Jewellery, much like art, is a very subjective choice. Not everyone agrees on what’s considered beautiful, stylish or appropriate, but that’s the joy of being an individual with your own sense of style and taste.

Whether you like to stick to what’s trending in the world of jewellery or not, one thing’s for sure: trends tend to at least influence the style of jewellery that most people find attractive at any given time.

So we think it’s worth keeping an eye on them, while also being sure to pay attention to your own unique identity and sense of style. We’re no fans of being slaves to fashion, but getting new ideas and inspiration is always a good idea when it comes to your wardrobe and jewellery collection.

So keeping that in mind, what’s in store for Australian jewellery trends this winter? Here’s the lowdown on what we’ve noticed is having a moment right now.

1. For the Love of Beaded Jewellery

In case you hadn’t noticed, take this as confirmation that beaded jewellery has come full circle since the 1990s and is back on trend (not that we ever fell out of love with it!). Known in the US as ‘summer camp’ jewellery, who doesn’t love a full-circle moment in the world of fashion?

If you’re looking to go with a current trend but with a little more sophistication and incorporating your own unique sense of style, then beaded jewellery will be your friend. Beads are also a great way to add some colour to your jewellery collection too, whether subtle or bold.

Our beaded jewellery pieces include beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Most of the beads in our designs are real gemstones or pearls which are paired with sterling silver or solid gold, elevating these designs to something more special and sophisticated than your aunt’s crafty creations.

For winter you can wear beaded necklaces short with higher necked outfits or go with earrings or bracelets while the rest of you is all rugged up for the cooler weather.

May we suggest our warmly coloured Coral Pendant on Red Agate Beaded Necklace, which will also fit in with a couple of other other trends listed below.

2. Big and Bold Pendant Necklaces

Coral reef open locket in sterling silverBig, bold and beautiful pendant necklaces were all the rage for both men and women when it came to jewellery trends of the 1970s. We’ve always loved them and we’re happy to report that they’re back. And not for the first time!

Larger pendants are great to wear in winter as they’ll contrast beautifully with warmer clothing. Either wear them long over your clothes or go for shorter chokers with pendants for higher necked outfits.

Our Coral Reef Open Locket Necklace in sterling silver is a great example of a big and bold pendant necklace that will make a great asset to your jewellery collection. It’s sure to be a conversation starter and will look gorgeous worn long over a dark coloured top. Add one of our necklace extenders for some extra length.

See our other statement jewellery designs for more inspiration.

3. Pearl Jewellery, Darling

Are pearls ever out of fashion? The short answer is: no. Pearls are forever a timeless addition to your jewellery collection, but if you were unsure about pearls in this day and age, they are definitely having a moment.

Pearls are on-trend in a big way, combining both cool and classic styles, along with many contemporary twists on old school pearl jewellery. You can expect to see pearl earrings, pearl statement rings, pearl-bedazzled necklaces, charms, and more.

For your winter wardrobe pearls can add some lightness and shine to dull outfits. They’ll pair beautifully with woollens and other warming fibres. Our super simple handmade Pearl & Solid Gold Drop Earrings will add some golden warmth to your winter wardrobe.

By the way, don’t believe that old wives’ tale that you shouldn’t buy pearls for yourself. If you want to invest in a pearly number, you do you. Check out our full pearl jewellery collection for inspiration.

4. Nature Knows Best

Spiral shell silver pendant on scallop shell beaded necklace

On the topic of natural elements such as pearls, another big trend we can expect to see in 2022 is the incorporation of natural elements into jewellery pieces.

This includes a resurgence in jewellery with gemstones, seaside-inspired pieces using shells, as well as intricately woven pieces made from raw, natural fibres.

In our Simone Walsh Jewellery range you’ll find our full gemstone jewellery collection will inspire you, along with our Seaside Jewellery range. While you might wonder if sea-related style accents are a match for your winter stylings, we personally like to be reminded of the ocean all year around.

Here’s one of our personal favourites, a Spiral Shell on Scallop Beaded Necklace, with the brightly coloured beads made from little discs of scallop shells.

5. Charmed, I’m Sure

Bouquet silver charm bracelet

This is another one of those ’90s trends that has clawed its way back to popularity. This winter, charm jewellery is all the rage. We’re set to see charms on bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. In particular, tiny charms added to huggie-style earrings as well.

Popular charm options include zodiac signage, shells, pearls, lockets, gemstone pendants, and more.

At Simone Walsh Jewellery we like to go for a more unique take: we have a range of charm-like jewellery in themes of flowers, amulets and ocean textures for you to be inspired by.

Also see our charm bracelets collection featuring these designs, including this gorgeous Bouquet Charm Bracelet in sparkling sterling silver.

6. Statement Earrings

Leaves long dangle earrings in sterling silver

If you’re not a fan of wearing too many elements of jewellery at once, you’re going to love this trend. The statement earring in the form of fringe, chain, or long and dangly numbers is back.

Big, bold and unusual statement earrings are often best worn without a necklace, meaning they’ll work beautifully in winter when you’re wearing higher necklines and scarves. Bold earrings also draw the eye to your face, so they’re great for when you really want someone to be paying attention to you.

These types of earrings are a brilliant option to add a bit of glam to any outfit, without having to overthink your jewellery choices. But of course you should feel free to add some stacking rings or cocktail rings to add some extra sparkle as needed.

Check our our super popular Leaves Long Dangle Earrings in sterling silver as a great example of some statement earrings. Also take a look at our amazing Sea Urchin & Pearl Earrings, which will allow you to combine two winter trends into one pair of earrings.

7. Lots of Layering Jewellery

Handmade sterling silver chain necklace

Another trend coming back to us, this time from the early 2000s, is necklace layering, especially with longer necklaces. This year, these necklaces are on the daintier side, being far thinner than their previous counterparts. Some popular necklace styles include long charm pieces or lariat necklaces, in silver or even mixed metals.

The great part is that these dainty items of jewellery can be easily paired with other items such as drop earrings, bracelets, or stacked rings if you love jewellery layering.

Check out our layering necklaces and stacking rings for some ideas. One of our favourite layering necklace is our amazing Handmade Silver Chain Necklace, which can be made up to 80cm long and is designed to be clasped at any point.

8. Thumbs Up for Thumb Rings

Daisy and opal silver cocktail ring

Statement rings and ring stacking have both been trends that have stood the test of time over the past few years. While ring stacking is still ever-popular, the statement thumb ring is a trend you can expect to see this year.

In fact, you can expect to see bejewelled thumb rings make an entrance, those with chain and pearl detail for an edgier touch.

Any of our rings will work as thumb rings: you just need to measure your ring size for your thumb and order in the correct size.

If you’re looking for a chunkier ring for your thumb, check out our cocktail rings, including this Daisy & Opal Cocktail ring in sterling silver and gold.

9. Mixed Precious Metals

Solid gold evil eye pendant on silver chain

Precious metals are eternally prized for their quality, colour and for being long lasting pieces of jewellery to invest in.

This year is no different, of course, but you should feel more comfortable with mixing different metals rather than sticking to just one. This trend has been bubbling away for a while now and we’re definitely fans of it.

People have often wondered whether they should wear gold or silver jewellery. These days the answer is related to tacos: why not have both? Mixing metals is a great way to add some colour variation and interest to your wardrobe.

You can choose jewellery which has different precious metals combined in one piece or you can mix and match silver jewellery, gold jewellery and rose gold jewellery to your heart’s content. What’s not to love about that?

Our Eye & Tsavorite Gold Pendant Necklace combines a solid gold pendant with a delicate and sparkly sterling silver chain.

Which Winter Jewellery Trends Will Inspire You?

No matter the winter jewellery trends that catch your eye, it’s always a personal choice. Ultimately, it comes down to what’s wearable, what would suit your wardrobe and your own sense of style. If you need some help figuring that out, check out our 15 Top Jewellery Style Tips.

With Simone Walsh Jewellery, you have your pick of Australian-designed and made jewellery styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for statement earrings, or something a little more demure, necklaces, or rings, take some time to explore our site and add something special to your collection.


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