June 19, 2024


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80s Fashion Tips for a Theme Party

It’s fun to attend theme parties, you will get to express your unique fashion style and gain attention to yourself. 80s fashion can provide some really great inspiration for a theme party. It’s all about fun and funky fashion statement that will make all eyes to keep turning to you. So, you should start by looking for vintage clothes.

Tip #1: Go Online to Find Vintage Cloth
Comfort, convenient, ease and ability to explore many vintage stores with just a click of the button are great reasons to go online when looking for 80s dresses for your themed party.
So, when you visit an online vintage store, you should focus on finding authentic 80s clothing that has been typically styled for the 80s. You may also visit your local thrift store for outdated, tacky clothing styles.

Tip #2: Be Specific with Your 80s Fashion
Another great way to truly replicate the 80s fashion with your themed party wear is to go specific with your 80s dress. For instance, you should go for specific clothing items that made the waves in the 80s.
Some of the iconic pieces in this case will include parachute pants, Members’ Only jackets, miniskirts, shirts with bold logos, dyed jeans or acid washed jeans, denim jackets, leg warmers and stretch pants that feature stirrups.

Tip #3: Style Your Hair like the 80s
Big hair was the order of the day in the 80s, perms were popular as those with straight hair got perms. As a result, their hair was permanently curly. But, you may not want a permanent curl. In that case, you should use hairspray and a comb to tease your hair in order to get big hair.
You may also choose to crimp your hair. You can use a crimper, which is a flat iron to crimp waves into your hair using heat. This may take time, but you will ultimately achieve well defined 80s hair and look really 80 with your 80’s fashion.