July 22, 2024


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7 Stylish K-Pop Stars To Follow for Fashion Inspo

With K-pop taking the world by storm, fans are obsessed with the genre not only for the catchy, addictive music but also for musicians’ style both off duty and on stage. If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram to find outfit inspiration, we’ve gathered a list of some of the most stylish names in the field to get you started. Our favorites include BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Lisa, who are both brand ambassadors for some of the biggest fashion houses. CL is loved for her experimental style that features both high-end brands and up-and-coming designers. Additional names on our list are Hwasa, HyunA, Somi and Sunmi.

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Any item you see on Jennie will likely sell out in minutes. The musician, an ambassador for brands like Chanel and Calvin Klein, has even birthed the term “Jennie effect,” proving the impact she has on today’s generation when it comes to fashion. You’ll see her sport anything from gorgeous designer pieces to garments from rising designers, as well as hyped footwear including the YEEZY Slide.

The face of CELINE and Bvlgari, Lisa loves to experiment with different styles. The Thai musician is a fan of playing around with color, whether it be on her nails, hair or her clothes. She can go anywhere from comfy fits with hoodies and beanies to a sparkling dress with high-end jewelry.

Throughout her career from leading 2NE1 to her solo artistry, CL — the badass “unnie” of K-pop — has worked with brands like Chrome Hearts, Moschino and Chanel, just to name a few. She is additionally famous for using her platform to spotlight up-and-coming designers, as she told Hypebae in our Spring 2022 cover story: “I’m a fan of wearing new designers and graduation pieces, and I love listening to new music all the time. I’ve done that my entire life and that’s never changed. But now, I have the opportunity to give back, and collaborate with and empower those artists.”

Hwasa of MAMAMOO is not only loved for her strong vocals, but also for her fearless fashion. Scroll through her Instagram and you’ll find her wearing some bold lipstick along with layered jewelry and baggy sweatpants, as well as a skin-tight leopard print bodysuit.

It’s difficult to describe HyunA’s fashion in one word. Her looks are colorful and ’00s-inspired, sometimes with a touch of Harajuku. A Loewe ambassador, the star shows off her playful style alongside her fiancé DAWN on social media. Her looks are often highlighted with her bright-colored hair ranging from neon mint blue to orange blonde.

Somi’s style has evolved throughout her career, from her earlier days in the project group I.O.I. to her solo artistry. Her latest looks include blonde hair and bold eyes and lips, which are paired with cropped tops and straight-legged trousers. A lot of her outfits take inspiration from the grunge aesthetic, involving graphic tees, Converse shoes, studded belts and more.

Sunmi is a master of mixing and matching, putting together unexpected style combinations for her fit pics. The star isn’t afraid of playing around with colors or patterns, not just on her clothes but also on her hair. She’ll match her pastel pink hair with a fuzzy pink sweater or sport sea blue hair with an electric blue dress.