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7 Best Zip-front Sports Bras 2022- Easy Fastening & Lockable Zips


7 Best Zip-front Sports Bras 2022- Easy Fastening & Lockable Zips

The best zip-front sports bras can change your whole life! First of all, zip-fronts free you from all the contortions you go through to put on and take off your bra. And if you have arthritis, are post-op or have restricted movement for any reason, this is a real benefit to your everyday life!

Furthermore, zip front bras are a blessing for women who need strong support and enjoy long exercise or running sessions. And to make sure you feel totally secure, there’s a lock or hook to secure the zip on all of these best sports bras. So you never have to worry about it opening by accident.

Where can you buy the best zip-front sports bras?

The idea of a zip-front fastening bra is fairly recent. And I’ve yet to see any in my local bricks-and-mortar stores. So when you decide to switch from a back-clasp to a front-zip you may not know the best brands to look at. And that’s where we come in! HerStyleCode runs regular bra tests to find the best bras in each category.

We recruit teams of testers from a range of ordinary women and work through the various types of bra. Our reviews come from tests in which each bra has been worn for at least two days. And we focus on comfort, support, fit, performance, durability and appearance. So you can have a less stressful life and get the best bra for you – whatever size or shape you happen to be!

So if you’re ready for a far better exercise experience, read our guide to the Best Zip-front Sports Bras here:

1. Best Value for Money Zip-front Sports Bra

This high-impact bra has a cute and supportive style, with several back straps. The support is medium to high, with good compression. The zip locks in place during wear for complete security. And the good-quality fabric is thick for good cover and a modern look.

Our testers said this invisibly padded bra is better than the similar Lululemon bra. It has a great design for getting a good fit. And the fabric is top quality with high support. Finally, the trendy, strappy back was very popular with our testers, who also liked the affordable price!

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2. Best Longline Zip-front Sports Bra

This longline sports bra gives full coverage. And it has a wide hem design to cover and support the midriff. This means you can wear it for medium – high impact exercise. In addition, the zip has protective fabric tabs to stop irritation. And there’s a cross-strap to prevent the straps sliding down. Finally, higher cut sides avoid side-bulge.

Our testers said this bra fits beautifully and feels like a snug tank-top. The fabric is extremely soft and comfortable. And it keeps your breasts in place well during running and all types of training. So you get great support for larger sizes and super value for money!

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3. Best Plus-size Zip-front Bra

Yvette – Women’s High-impact Plus-size Sports Bra Double-deck Mesh
Yvette – Women’s High-impact Plus-size Sports Bra Double-deck Mesh
Yvette – Women’s High-impact Plus-size Sports Bra Double-deck Mesh
Yvette – Women’s High-impact Plus-size Sports Bra Double-deck Mesh

This bra is designed for curvy figures and large cup sizes. It is suitable for running and other high-impact exercise. The front zip has an anti-scratch gadget and a strong ‘auto-hold’ lock, to prevent the zip opening by accident. And stitched-in, soft cups give full cover.

Yvette – Women’s High-impact Plus-size Sports Bra Double-deck Mesh colors

Our testers raved about the cute style and strong support they got with this double-strap bra. They enjoyed being able to put the bra on easily. And different cup-sizes felt they got excellent comfort and fit. Finally, the straps never slipped off and the 2-in-one design is perfect for full figures.

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4. Best Cross-back Zip-front Sports Bra

4. Best Cross-back Zip-front Sports Bra
Under Armour - Women's Armour High Cross-back Zip Bra
Under Armour – Women’s Armour High Cross-back Zip Bra

You get superior fit from this sports bra, which has tailoring in the supportive design. So it’s great for running and field sports. And the zip-front has an easy ‘lock’ to keep the zip firmly closed during wear. Fixed foam pads give good coverage. And wide, criss-cross straps are comfortable.

Our testers said they got excellent fit from this design. And for comfort and performance, the B/C and D+ reviewers all rated it as ‘outstanding’. Testers loved the trendy look of the criss-cross straps. And they all agreed that the zip fastener was totally secure!

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5. Best Racerback Zip-front Sports Bra

7 Best Zip-front Sports Bras 2022- Easy Fastening & Lockable Zips
IHHCOXK – Women’s Medium-support Racerback Zip-front Sports Bra
IHHCOXK – Women’s Medium-support Racerback Zip-front Sports Bra
IHHCOXK – Women’s Medium-support Racerback Zip-front Sports Bra

This compression bra has removable pads for extra coverage and shaping. In addition, the front zip fastener has a top-hook to prevent accidental opening. And there’s a soft layer of fabric under the zip to avoid skin irritation. So along with the trendy racerback style, you get comfort and good support.

Our testers loved the secure zip and skin-protecting tabs. And they used this sturdy bra for HIIT successfully. The fabric is soft and comfortable and testers said it was high-quality material. All testers felt they got a great fit from an attractive, modern style!

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6. Best Post-Surgery Zip-front Sports Bra

Best Post-Surgery Zip-front Sports Bra
Wanayou – Women’s Zip-front Sports Bra Post-Surgery Yoga Bra

The fabric for this post-surgery and low-impact sports bra is super-soft. And it feels light against your skin whilst providing medium-support. In addition, it’s easy to put on and off owing to the front zip. And after post-surgery use, it makes an excellent yoga/Pilates bra.

Our testers were very keen on this bra, which they said is soft and holds the breasts snugly and comfortably. They also loved the fabric tabs over the ends of the zip that protect your skin from irritation. And all testers said the pads are easy to remove for washing. This is an excellent choice for post-surgery and sports use.

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7. Best No-Bounce Zip-front Sports Bra

Best No-Bounce Zip-front Sports Bra
Under Armour - Women's 'Eclipse' High-impact Front-zip Sports Bra

This bra gives a modern, clean line for a smart look to pair with shorts or leggings. It’s tailored for good support for high-impact activities like running, tennis and field sports. The soft cups give full coverage and don’t show their shape. And there are adjustable criss-cross straps.

Our testers rated this bra highly for good support and a secure front-zip. They got a good fit, after sizing up – as this bra runs small. Everyone loved the streamlined look and invisible cups. Our post-op tester said it kept her breasts safely in place with no movement. And the trendy, open back keeps you cool and comfy!

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Although most zip-front sports bras are designed for medium to high support, there are plenty of small size options included in the Best 7 Zip-front Sports Bras above. So if you feel it’s time to get an easy-to-fasten bra or two into your gym kit, you can find one here. And don’t forget – lots of women wear zip-up sports bras all the time!

Why not share this article with your friends and help each other choose the best bras for your workouts? Have you had difficulty fastening back-clasp bras? Let us know what you think of zip-front bras! We love to hear from you!


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