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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Second Hand Mulberry Handbag on Preloved!


buy second hand Mulberry handbag Mulberry preloved

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Second-hand shopping is becoming such a *thing* due to sustainability and waste…and of course we love a second-hand price, especially for these more expensive designer items such as handbags. I love that Mulberry have this on their site as an option for those looking for a more sustainable way to shop designer, great prices and that peace of mind that the second-hand Mulberry handbag is authentic!

I would love to see more designer handbag brands doing similar to Mulberry Preloved : sustainable recycling schemes like this and I am sure we will see more to come and follow suit of Mulberry. Everyone is a winner!

buy second hand Mulberry handbag Mulberry preloved

Mulberry Preloved is a relatively new section on the Mulberry website which allows you to purchase authenticated second-hand Mulberry handbags and sell your second-hand Mulberry handbags (for which you get credit towards your next one!).

Mulberry says : ‘Much as we might like every customer who buys a bag from us to keep it for life and hand it down to the next generation, we also believe that a change or exchange can still be positive for everyone. That’s why we’ve established the Mulberry Exchange to match authenticated and beautifully restored classics with a new owner, ensuring that a humble bag can have many lives.’

The Mulberry Exchange : This is a circular programme in which customers can trade their existing bags for credit towards a new one. Mulberry will then expertly authenticate and rejuvenate these pre-loved pieces and sell on to a new owner, ensuring that each and every Mulberry bag can have many lives.

Every time I go onto Mulberry Preloved, I see so many incredible Mulberry handbags, from the newer collections to the really classic and vintage Mulberrry Handbags which I really love. Most of my Mulberry handbags are from pre-2012 as I really love these older styles. Although I’m VERY tempted by some of these new collections from Mulberry in the last couple of years. Anyway, I would honestly suggest going to the Preloved section and having a look on what’s offer, I look about once a week, and it’s constantly updated and re-freshed with new bags.

I think you really know what you are getting when you buy a bag from Mulberry Preloved. Also : there is no chance that these second-hand Mulberry handbags are going to be fakes : they are authenticated and sold through Mulberry themselves. You get that full Mulberry shopping experience for a huge reduction! Yes please.

buy second hand Mulberry handbag Mulberry preloved

1.) It will be authentic! All the incredible handbags for sell on Mulberry Preloved have been expertly authenticated by Mulberry themselves. No fakes here or worrying about if you have been ripped off!

2.) They have a great selection. The selection of bags is constantly changing as they are being purchased and sold so there is always new bags going on every week. I like to check Mulberry Preloved once a week to see if any have come on that I *need*.

3.) You can find more rare / discontinued designs. Love a vintage Mulberry handbag? Then this is the place for you to keep your eye peeled! I love the older styles and a lot of mine are now vintage Mulberry handbags : you can find some real gems and golden oldies on here!

4.) Great customer service. You get that normal Mulberry customer service so it’s the normal ‘shop service’ if you have any issues. This gives me peace of mind.

5.) A great price! Of course this is kind of the most important thing, no?! You will get a great discount off the RRP of these bags, some up to 60% off.

Also have a quick read of my post about Spotting a Real VS a Fake Mulberry bag : a handy guide if you are looking to buy a second hand Mulberry handbag and you are looking at different places to buy one. You want to know it is authentic and you aren’t being ripped off. Again, that’s why I find a bit more peace-of-mind when you are going straight to Mulberry Preloved.

buy second hand Mulberry handbag Mulberry preloved


buy second hand Mulberry handbag Mulberry preloved

I have my eye on the Mulberry Alana and have for some time now as I actually used to have this bag and it was stolen on Oxford Street on a night out and I was pretty heartbroken! I’ve always imagined I would replace it at some point!

I hope you found this post on buying from Mulberry Preloved / a second-hand Mulberry handbag of use! As always let me know if you have any questions! I’ll be sharing some more Mulberry handbag reviews and tips very soon! Also, if you are looking around for a second-hand Mulberry handbag and are open to other options than just Mulberry Preloved (Vestiaire, Ebay, outlets etc) then have a read of my post on the best places to buy a second-hand Mulberry handbag and some tips on getting the best deals.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Second Hand Mulberry Handbag on Preloved!


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