July 19, 2024


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4 Types Of Fashion That Are Also Functional 

4 Types Of Fashion That Are Also Functional 

Clothing is often needed for warmth, or to cover ourselves up while out in public, but most types of fashion are mainly just used as a form of self expression and personal style. Of course, there are many types of fashion that also serve another function. Here are 4 types of fashion that are also functional. 

Conceal And Carry Clothing

Conceal and carry clothing is becoming more and more popular among hunters and other gun owners because it is extremely convenient to be able to conceal your weapon right in your clothes without any added weight or stress. They make conceal and carry clothing in so man different styles now that there is something out there that will appeal to everyone and is sure to function the way you need it to.

Waterproof Apparel

Waterproof or moisture-wicking clothing, shoes, or boots is popular in many places in the world because they get a lot of rainy or snowy weather, but it’s smart for everyone to own something waterproof because you never know when you might need it. Though not a new technology by any means, waterproof stuff is truly amazing at keeping any amount of water from soaking through to the rest of your clothing or your skin. Now that’s functionality at its finest. 

Medical Clothing

Medical clothing includes things worn during surgeries to keep things more hygienic, as well as any other type of special clothing healthcare workers may wear. Boasting features such as air permeability and absorbency, most people who aren’t medical staff won’t have a need to wear this type of clothing at any point, but those that do can tell you how helpful it is in their line of work. Everyone got a small taste of wearing medical clothing during the pandemic when masks were required, so maybe now you have a new appreciation for it. 

Clothing For Special Needs

They are finally making entire lines of clothing made specifically for people with special needs. They are meant to function in ways that people with certain medical problems need them to, that other people may not even think about. Wheelchair users need to wear different clothing styles than people who walk normally, not just for comfort but also style and functionality. It is a big deal that this type of clothing finally exists, and definitely a good thing all around. 

So there you have it. Not all clothing is just for looks. The next time you put on your clothing think about how it functions for you, aside from just keeping you comfortable and looking good. After reading this list you may have a whole new appreciation for clothing and what it can do!