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10 Best Zara perfume for Men that make a statement 2022


Thank you Guys, for showering love and regards upon the Zara perfume for women. Also, thank you for sharing your personal experience. We received a lot of requests to talk about the best Zara perfume for men. And the good news is, we are here with it.

Speaking frankly, why do only women, men also deserve to cast a-wooing spell with luxury brand-inspired fragrance at a budget-friendly price. And who can satisfy these needs better than Zara? In fact, Zara has earned the fame for recreation of such fragrance. So, once again we have entered Zara’s world of fragrance and curated a list of its top-rated men’s perfume, presented below.

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Top 10 Best Zara Men’s Perfume

Here are the 10 best Zara perfumes for men:

1. Zara Men’s Vibrant Leather Eau De Parfum

In 2018 Jerome Epinette launched the Vibrant Leather collection which received immense popularity. The reason behind the fame is its fragrance that resembles Creed’s Aventus. Though its performance does not resemble Armaf’s CDNIM, its sophisticated, elegant woody fragrance is very pleasing.

Vibrant Leather Eau De Parfum for men
Zara perfume for Men

The perfume belongs to the Spring-Summer collection, which with its cheerful scent keeps you energetic and refreshed on bright sunny days. The perfume opens with a beautifully blended sweetly and crispy note of lemon and bergamot. It is followed by the luxurious and rich note of leather and bamboo which finally settles with a beautiful earthy smell of patchouli. Speaking honestly, this needs one try guys.


  • Top note: Lemon, Bergamot.
  • Middle note: Leather, Bamboo.
  • Base note: patchouli.
  • A part of the spring-summer series.
  • Chic, energetic and cheerful scent.
  • Lasts up to 4 hours.
  • Impressive sillage.
  • Affordable.
  • Performance and longevity need improvement.

2. Zara Rich/Warm/Addictive Tobacco Eau De Toilette

Tobacco EDT is an original creation of Zara. Ever since it was created and released in 2016, it started wooing men around the world, with several good features. A spray of the perfume opens with the sweet note of honey and coconut, which when dries is taken over by the fresh note of tobacco accompanied by a woody blend of cedar and sandalwood. The last two forms the base.

Zara Addictive Tobacco Eau De Toilette for Men
Zara men’s perfume

The fragrance is a very classy and elegant collection of Zara, which is actually a little underrated. The sprays work in elevating the classy, chic masculinity of your personality.  Filled with richness and warmth the perfume is a perfect fit for the events and occasions on the eve of autumn or winter.


  • Top notes: honey and coconut.
  • Middle notes: tobacco.
  • Base notes: cedar and sandalwood.
  • Lasts for more than 5 hours.
  • Decent sillage.
  • Unisex fragrance.
  • Boosts up the chic, classy side of the personality.
  • Suit all types of evening occasions.
  • Affordable
  • Silage should be strong.
  • Performance should be high.

3. Zara Man Gold Eau De Toilette

When the sweetness of praline and the zingy, warmth of cinnamon are blended with the exotic essence of cardamom, a sensuous, intoxicating, intense fragrance takes birth, enough to pull and please the crowd. Presenting to you Zara Man Gold EDT, inspired from Paco Rabbane Black XS.

Zara Gold Eau De Toilette for Male
Zara Gold Eau De Toilette for Him

The perfume is not a carbon copy. It is different. It has an incorporation of the citrusy essence of lemon (absent in the inspiration) that mellows down the over-sweetness of the other essence and intensifies the refreshing warmth to the limit of irresistibility. Please note, the projection stays for more than 5 hours.


  • Top note: lemon.
  • Middle note: praline, cinnamon.
  • Base note: patchouli, cardamom.
  • Won’t leave you unnoticed.
  • Perfect for any evening occasion in autumn or winter.
  • A classy, chic fragrance with a modern touch.
  • Affordable.

4. Zara 2X Night Pour Homme II and III Eau De Parfum

Congratulation to you guys, for getting two editions of the Night Pour Homme collection at such a price. It is an offer of congratulation indeed. But, don’t you want to know what makes them so special? Know them.

Both the oriental editions, launched in 2017, successfully created buzz among the users. both are curated from inspiration, Pour Homme II is inspired from Paco Rabbane’s Invictus and Pour Homme III with the powdery iris resembles Dior scent.

Zara Night Pour Homme Eau De Parfum for Men
Zara Night Pour Homme Eau De Parfum for Men

Pour Homme II can be called a nocturnal version of Zara Seoul. To be precise, it is a woody oriental fragrance that fits to be a regular night and day wear in the seasons of spring and autumn. While the elegant, stylish Pour Homme III is strictly a night perfume whose warmth makes your winter eves more memorable.

Though in 2019, when Zara replaced their fragrance developer, rumors flew regarding the possibility of formulation adjustment of the third edition of the collection, but rumors are just rumors.


Pour Homme II

  • Top notes: zesty citrusy lemon with bergamot.
  • Middle notes: refreshing lavender.
  • Base notes: woody cedarwood and amber.

Pour Homme III

  • Top notes:  bergamot with exotic cardamom.
  • Middle notes: lavender.
  • Base notes: cedarwood and amber.
  • The 2nd edition belongs to the Fougere-Aromatic family.
  • II stays for nearly 6hours and Iii for 5 hours.
  • II has a good sillage, III a moderate one.
  • II is more an all-time perfume, III fits both casual and formal events.
  • A good gifting option.
  • Value for money.
  • As an Eau De Parfum, should have a long stay.

5. Zara for Him Eau De Toilette

What if you get a fragrance alike to the Armani Code of collection, that too in your budget? For Him by Zara is something that resembles the Armani Code of collection if not completely in performance then definitely in smell. For Him is an “Asian-inspired” modern, intense warm perfume designed for an autumn or winter evening so intriguing, sensuous that it would draw everyone’s attention upon you, at the first step of your entry.

Zara Eau De Toilette for Him
Zara Eau De Toilette for Him

The spray opens with the fresh wave of crispy bergamot wrapped in the warmth of exotic cardamom which finally settles with the presence of sandalwood.


  • Top notes: crispy bergamot.
  • Middle notes: cardamom.
  • Base notes: sandalwood.
  • Perfect for regular wear.
  • Exotic and comfortable.
  • Suit the eve of autumn and winter.
  • Affordable.
  • Lasts for 4 hours.
  • Sillage is average.

6. Zara Man Silver Eau De Toilette

This Cologne is something you would love to wear as regular wear. The reason behind is its modern, appealing pleasing smell that will surely keep you refreshed, cheerful and optimistic in the hectic days of summer, spring and autumn. Now, the question is which brand it reminds of? Well, it smells almost alike to Gucci Guilty. 

Zara Silver Eau De Toilette Men's Perfume
Zara Silver Eau De Toilette Men’s Perfume

The spray opens with the cheerful, refreshing note of lemon, lavender and pepper. While the heart of the fragrance gives a clean note of neroli, orange blossom. And at last, it settles with a woody note of cedar, sandalwood.


  • Top notes: lemon, lavender, pepper.
  • Middle notes: neroli, orange blossom.
  • Base note: cedar, sandalwood.
  • Perfect as a regular wear or office scent.
  • Pleasing, refreshing fragrance.
  • 30 minutes projection.
  • Stays for 5-6 hours.
  • Great as a spring, summer, autumn wear.
  • Affordable.
  • Does not fits in chilling winter.
  • Unsuitable for formal events.

7. Zara 8.0 Summer Eau De Toilette

The Zara 8.0 Summer EDP is in the aromatic business since 2020. And boy, what impressive reviews it has earned in the short span.

Basically, it is a very refreshing, revitalizing type of scent that builds a cooling, energetic feel around you in the days of extreme temperature. And the entire credit goes to its refreshing notes of lemon and mandarin orange, with apple, cucumber, melon accompanied by the seductive notes of musk, amber and cedarwood.

Summer Eau De Toilette - Zara Men's Perfume
Summer Eau De Toilette – Zara Men’s Perfume

Whether you are in a casual occasion or you want to start off your regular chore it is a very good option. It will give you a feeling similar to the Nautica Voyage.


  • Top notes: lemon, mandarin orange.
  • Middle notes: cucumber, apple, melon.
  • Base notes: cedar wood, amber and mus.
  • Reminds of Nautica Voyage.
  • Perfect for hot sunny days.
  • Suit casual occasion and regular wear.
  • Affordable.
  • Last for 3-4 hours.
  • Has a moderate sillage.

8. Zara Seoul Summer Eau De Toilette

Named after the South Korean capital Seoul, it is a perfume with refreshing and relaxing notes. Unlike the other Zara perfume Seoul is not rich, warm and sensuous. Rather, it is more inspiring and more charming. Its sprays work great while vacating in your favorite destination.

Zara Seoul Summer Eau De Toilette for Men
Zara Seoul Summer Eau De Toilette for Men

Zara Seoul Summer EDT was launched in 2020, when the world has been fighting the pandemic. Its floral-fruity fragrance opens with the note of apple, which makes room for the orange blossom to take the charge and finally settles with the woody fragrance of cedarwood. In the bright sunny days of summer, wear it on any casual occasion and or during vacation.


  • Top notes: apple.
  • Middle notes: orange blossom.
  • Base notes: cedarwood.
  • Generates a pure refreshing smell.
  • Lasts for 6 hours.
  • A vacation perfume.
  • Affordable.

9. Zara Emotions Vetiver Pamplemousse Eau De Parfum

Very few perfumes are curated with the ability to cast the same enchanting spell on both men and women. Vetiver Pamplenousse belongs to this category. So, if you want to experience smell coordination, then Vetiver Pamplemousse is the best option for you and your partner. Vetiver Pamplemousseis a part of the renowned Jo Loves collection. And the reason is quite simple, famous fragrance developer Jo Malone is the creator of the collection.

Zara Men's Vetiver Pamplemoussee Eau De Parfum
Zara Men’s Vetiver Pamplemousses Eau De Parfum

The composition of Pamplemousses is very simple, and that’s why it is more alluring. The fragrance features the freshness of grapefruit followed by the citrusy essence of mandarin orange with the touches of earthy, smoky vetiver. In the hot days of summer or in the cool days of spring it helps to uplift the atmosphere around you.


  • Top notes: apple.
  • Middle notes: mandarin orange.
  • Base notes: vetiver.
  • A spring-summer unisex perfume.
  • Crafted by Jo Malone.
  • Cast a charming, alluring spell.
  • A regular wear.
  • Stays for at least 4 hours.
  • Affordable.

10. Zara 9.0 Eau e Toilette

If you have come across the fragrance of Dior Home, the 9.0 will definitely remind you of it. A spicy, woody, warm fragrance with a modern touch is what the description of 9.0 deserves. It is actually an innovative creation where different notes come together to create an aura. It is as fresh as spicy and warm with a floral touch.

Zara Summer 9.0 Eau De Toilette Perfume for Men
Zara Summer 9.0 Eau De Toilette Perfume for Men

Once you wear it you will get a refreshing aroma of juniper, bergamot and coriander, which flies away leaving the space to spicy cardamom, pepper and floral iris and finally, leaves the remaining responsibility on the shoulders of the warm mix vetiver, amber and cedar. But, still, it is ll.


  • Top note: brergamot, cotrainder and juniper.
  • Middle notes: cardamom, pepper, floral iris.
  • Base notes: veetiver, amber, cedar.
  • Stays for 6 hours.
  • Perfect as a winter or autumn wear.
  • Warm, refreshing but not overpowering.
  • Affordable.
  • Unsuitable to elegant moment or occasion.

Frequently Asked Question- best Zara perfume for him

Which is the best men’s perfume by Zara?

Vibrant leather is the best-rated men’s perfume by Zara.

Which Zara perfume for men is best as an evening wear?

As an evening wear Night Pour Homme III perfume is the best.

Which is the best Zara perfume for men and women?

Zara’s best unisex perfume is Vetiver Pamplemousse.

Are all Zara perfumes clones of the renowned brand?

All Zara perfumes whether it is for men or women are clones or inspired by renowned brands.

What is the average longevity of Zara perfumes for him?

Zara perfumes for him or she has average longevity of 4-6 hours.

Which is the best-rated spring-summer men’s perfume by Zara?

The best spring-summer perfume for him by Zara is Vibrant Leather EDP.

Which Zara perfume for men is best as a regular wear?

Zara For Him EDT is the best regular wear perfume.

Which men’s perfume by Zara has a good sillage?

Vibrant Leather EDP has sillage worth impressing.

What are best selling Zara perfumes for men?

The rich/warm/ addictive tobacco collection, Pour Homme collection are the most favorites among men.

Final Verdict – Best Zara Perfume for Men

We hope by now you have already selected the perfume you want in your wardrobe. However, just for information, these are the top-rated men’s fragrances by Zara with immense appreciation in all e-commerce sites.

Hence, give a tough fight to women guys in terms of fragrance and let us know who wins. Till then have an aromatic life.


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